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postheadericon 5 Tips to Write an Impressive Admission Essay

Most of the students say that they were under stress when after the high school they have to write an admission essay for college. In this article, you will come to know about the suggestion of senior admission selectors.

The concise

Even if there is no word limit to write your essay, you are supposed to complete your college admission essay within 500 words. Remember that admission officers do not have much time to read your story. They have to check hundreds of applications. In this situation, they cannot give more than a few minutes to every application. You only have a few minutes to make your admission officers believe that you are the right candidate for his college. In case, you have completed your essay in 1000 words, then believe me you are stressing their patience. 

On the other hand, it may not be possible for you to maintain the coherence and interest of the reader throughout the article. Whenever or wherever they will get bored of writing your story, they will put it down. You need to hold the interest of your reader. That is why stay concise and crisp in your writing.

Be honest

Do not shout for your achievements titles or rewards you have received so far. Just mention it in your essay and attach a copy of the newspaper in your support. Not everyone can give high performance in every field of life. Mention in your review what you have achieved and do not strain to inflate.

Be yourself

Remember that you are a teenager and you have just completed your school. Now you are going to take admission in your college and at this point of time, you cannot write like a professional. Do not hesitate to write because hesitation will kill you. You simply need to make them believe that how different you are. What are your ambitions and how you are planning achieve them.


You need to stay coherent in what you are writing. The main paragraph of your essay is supposed to answer the prompt. Do not try to cover several things in a single paragraph. Admission selectors will get confused as what you are willing to say. It is advised to mention only those things that you can describe without any hassle.

The accurate

Take the help of spellcheck or grammar check to edit your essay. You can also show your writing to your family members or friends for review. They will help you to point out your mistakes. Make sure to submit a polished piece of content to your admission selectors.