postheadericon How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Car Accident Attorney

Many people are concerned about how much cost they have to cover when they hire a car accident lawyer. The cost will depend on the lawyer you hire because every lawyer bill their client different. Most lawyers follow a fee structure but some will work on your case for contingency basis. You can ask about the cost when you are attending a consultation with the lawyer. 

Lawyers Who Get Paid on Contingency Basis

Lawyers who work on contingency fee will only receive payment from the client after the case is settled and the compensation is recovered. It is risk free and win-win to hire a lawyer that work on contingency fees since you don’t have to pay out anything the lawyer did not manage to help you win the case. In the event that the money is recovered for the client, the lawyer will receive a percentage from the claim as agreed or a portion of the amount that is awarded by the judge/jury. On average, the car accident lawyer will collect about 33% – 40% of the settlement for contingency fee. The fee is cheaper and cost only 1/3 of the settlement if the case is settled before the client has to file a lawsuit. On the other hand, the fee can be up to 40% if the client has to file a lawsuit. Get more details on car accident attorney near me free consultation.

Lawyers Who Follow a Fee Structure

Lawyers who don’t work on contingency basis will follow a fee structure, for example, charging you by hourly rate and collecting a retainer. The retainer is a deposit that the lawyer collect upfront. As the lawyer work on your case, he will charge you based on the amount of time spent and this charges will be deducted from the retainer amount. When the case is recovered, the lawyer will also receive a percentage from the settlement but it will be a sum that has deducted the amount you previously paid. 

How Does the Lawyer Get Paid?

There are various types of fees including filing fees, photocopying fees, postage, fees to hire witnesses, fees for requesting copies of medical records, and transcripts. The longer it takes to settle your case, the higher the fees you will pay so you should try to get the case settled as fast as possible with the help of the attorney. All lawyers will get a percentage from the settlement including those who work on fee structure and contingency basis. Additionally, you also have to pay for the fees for other expenses. As soon as the case is settled, the lawyer will get a settlement check. Then, the lawyer will send you a list of the expenses involved in the case. After you have paid for these expenses, you will receive the remaining balance from the settlement.

Is it Worth the Cost to Hire a Car Accident Lawyer?

It is worth the cost to hire a car accident lawyer if you suffer from serious injuries. This is due to the expensive cost of medical treatment you have to undergo.  On the other hand, cases that involve minor injuries can be settled by negotiating with the rival’s insurance company without a lawyer.

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